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What is Peoplemaps?

Peoplemaps is a project designed to reveal the underlying social connections, groups, and communities within a specific geographical region. The maps we produce, however, are not geographical — rather, they describe the relative orientation of communities in a city or region. Each dot represents a person (or user account), each line represents a relationship, and each color group represents a community of interest. Communities at opposite ends of a map have the least in common. The layout of the map is determined by relationships — they act like springs, bringing people closer together. By arranging the maps in this way, we can determine how people choose to sort themselves, and study the patterns in human arrangement that arise between different cities — and we can also see patterns like segregation and other unhealthy patterns of arrangement. For specifics about the methodology and theoretical foundation, please see The Math Behind Peoplemaps.
We are using data from social networks, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and AngelList (and are looking for more). If you would like us to look at a potential mapping project in your city, please contact us!

What We Do With Your Data

We're using this data to create map images and art prints, and to try to understand cities better. We're not sharing the data with other parties, but we will be sharing the maps we create. If we do collaborate with other parties it will be strictly for the production of maps that support the People Maps project.

Who's Behind This?

People Maps is an experimental civic art project started by Baltimore-based software developer and community organizer David Troy. It was started at Civic Hack Day in February 2011 with assistance from Bill Mill and others.

What's Next?

We're refining techniques to gather and present this data. It's a big challenge and expect it will take some time. We're looking for partners, additional computing capacity, interns, and other interested parties who would like to advance this work. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about sponsoring a specific mapping project, or can offer resources!


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